Monday, 8 March 2010

First Post!!!

Why hello there! Firstly I'd like to say thanks for reading my new blog, if indeed there is anyone actually reading this...

So my name is Colin and tennis is my hobby, my passion and my obsession. I decided it might be fun to make a wee blog where I could report the latest tennis news and results and give my thoughts and opinions on the sport. I personally prefer the 'ladies' game (although some of those gals aint no ladies) because of the unpredictability, the drama and the fashion so this is the side of the game I'll be blogging about for the most part. Female professional tennis players are incredible. They are beautiful. They are Goddesses. Hope you enjoy reading!

So if you do exist and did just read this why not leave me a comment to introduce yourself? I would be ever so pleased!


  1. hi !
    i'm a fan of and found your tweeter-id their
    i will follow your blog :-) i'm a tennis addict (living in belgium but i was already addicted to the game before kim & justine). My both sons play so i spend a lot of time near the courts and i try to follow as much of the wta tournaments as possible (not always easy because not a lot of tv coverage but lucky there's the internet ;-). I'm also following you on twitter !


  2. a comment? a comment! how exciting! thanks for following the blog Isabelle, i really appreciate it :)
    oh you're lucky to live in Belgium, i've spent a bit of time there and really loved it. especially Bruges!
    i bet you're glad to have both Kim and Justine back!
    If you have any feedback or there's anything you want to see or hear about on the blog please just comment or tweet and let me know. and tell your friends about Goddesses of the Court!

  3. well im jacob.
    i'm 17, in my last year of high school. my exams are in october. im australian, live in sydney... uhhhhhhhhhhh, i like tennis loads, dont play though, if i ever have kids (if its legal for gays) then i will certaintly get them to playy. im interested in photography, blah blah.. i'm also following you on twitter... i think if you made a tumblr more, you'd get more followers etc, i have lots of friends that i can get to follow you on there... also, perhaps you should edit your background, its very... hmmmmm, i dont know. basic or, boring. no offence. my favourite players are serena and ana


  4. hey there jacob.
    thanks for the comment and the tweet. you're an aussie! thats cool, i really want to go visit there someday. yeah i'm the same i dont really play tennis much but love to watch and blog about it. your comment about the background has been taken on board. i do love to get feedback :D i dont know much about tumblr but if you have any friends who want to follow my twitter that would be great!

  5. Hi Colin,

    Good luck with the blog. I'm a big fan of WTA, don't follow the ATP much, and a fan of Flavia Pennetta in particular!

    Guess i'm hoping you will make this blog a little different in some way (don't ask me how!) as i've already "unfollowed" a couple of others as they all tweet exactly the same thing (gets a bit repetitive!) as Marija does on @womenstennis.

    Anyway, good luck, i'm down as a follower!